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Festival, Competition, Battle, Performances, Workshops and holidays all take place at the five-star Kairaba Bodrum Imperial.

In collaboration with Bodrum Dance Club and Kairaba Bodrum Imperial; GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE Packages have been created for the International Bodrum Dance Festival – Modern, Jazz, Show and Hip Hop events that will take place between 12 – 16 October 2022.

While deciding on the content of Festival Packages, in addition to the Ultra All Inclusive Hotel accommodation price, the entrance and participation fees for the following events are also added.


  • Free entry or participation in Workshops, Flash Mobs, Jams and Parties
  • Free entrance to the Amphitheater to watch or perform festival performances
  • Free entry to the competition hall as a spectator
  • Free registration for Contest or Battle (GOLD Pack buyers only)
  • Free Festival participation certificate (Gold and SILVER Package buyers)
  • Trophies, Medals, Certificates, or prize money (for those who are ranked in the Competition)
  • Contest Participation Certificate (For those who participated in the contest and did not get a degree)


  • Free entry to the battle hall
  • Free entry to Jams and Parties as a spectator
  • Free entrance to the Amphitheater to watch festival performances
  • Free entry to the competition hall as a spectator
  • Free participation in festival activities prepared for parents

Note: Please fill in a separate form for each room you request. Make sure to write the names and birth dates of the children who will stay in the room on the form.

The check in time of the rooms is 12:00. On the way to the competition hall, you have to vacate their rooms, deliver the keys to the reception, and complete the check-out process. For undelivered rooms, +1 day accommodation fee is requested by the hotel management. The Cabare hall, where the competition will be held, is right next to the hotel lobby.

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