Is an educated musical actress from the Sunrise Studios — conservatoire for singing, acting and dancing in Vienna — but main emphasis she’s self-employed as dance school leader and active dance teacher and choreographer in Austria.

In her whole career as a dancer and athlete she always was the one who get the show on stag and realism Ideas. For these reasons she decided promptly after her education to go on her way in dance-teaching/ training and choreographing.

In January 2014 Melanie completed her diploma in dance- and movement-pedagogics (main emphasis dance medicine) in Austria.

Shortly thereafter she founded her own company — an academy for stage- and showdance, which meanwhile is one of the biggest and most successful academies for stage- and showdance in Austria.

Her mainly teaching disciplines are classical ballet, jazz, theater-jazz, street-jazz, showdance, musical and acrobatics. As instructor, dancer and choreographer she’s taking part of national and international dance competitions since years and is multiple award winner of the Austrian national championships as well of the World-Dance-Masters. She was awarded with the Austrian competitive sport emblem in bronze, silver and gold and get honored already multiple times with the Austrian sport badge of honor awards.

Melanie is teaching more than 170 Students in her own Studio, and is working as a guest teacher and choreographer in whole Austria.

Since 2017 she’s part of the International Study Program for dance- teaching and training at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance in London, which is considered as one of the highest educational attainment in Dance Teaching.

She’s visiting annual further educations all over the world and is working in co operations with international artists and choreographers like: Adam Pudney, Ian Knowles, Kobi Rozenfeld, Almira Osmanovic, Igor Barbaric, Ellen Wawrzyniak, Tom Poms, Suzana Novosel, Judith Elisa Kaufmann…

Melanie founded and institution for dance and art in her young age and become a brand in Salzburg/Austria