Zeybeğin Doğuşu (Overseas Promotion Team)

Zeybeğin Doğuşu (Overseas Promotion Team)

Bodrum Dance Club Folk Dance team is a team of 40 people that has been set up to promote Turkey abroad. The name of this group is “Zebegin Dogusu” which is named after a specific folk dance. Each year they perform a different folk dance with different content for example: Zebyebgin Dogusu “Canakkale and Zeybegin Dogusu Kerimoglu.

The Zeybeğin Doğuşu dance show is a demonstration of the Zeybeks (a western Anatolian style of dance). The group only perform once a year for the public and all ticket income is used to fund the technical needs of the folk dance teams.

The “Zeybeğin Doğuşu” show has been successful on the international stage by winning the European 2nd prize in the folklore competition in Austria at the Austrian Fasching Carnaval and Poland Folk dance competition which are some of the biggest carnivals of Europe where 84 teams participated.

Bodrum Dance Club Folk Dance team are led by the Chairman Onur Hasdoyuranlar and his assistant Emrah SINACI who prepare and present the choreography and exhibitions in folk dance based on their research of documentaries and stories and is loved by all ages.

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