International Bodrum Dance Festival

International Bodrum Dance Festival

The “International Bodrum Dance Festival”, which takes place during the last week of May is one of the biggest dance festivals in Europe and features in the UNESCO cultural events list.

The International Bodrum Dance Festival, which started as a local event sixteen years ago, is being held every year with an ever increasing number of participants. This year will be eighteenth festival to be held.

The “International Bodrum Dance Festival” organized by the Bodrum Dance Club with the support and contribution of the Bodrum Municipality takes place internationally every year on the Bodrum peninsula during the last week of May.

Last year a total of 1242 dancers from dozens of countries participated in the festival events that were held in Bodrum and Turgutries concurrently.

The “International Bodrum Dance Festival”, is one of the biggest dance festivals in Europe and is featured in the list of cultural events of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Each year permission is renewed to use the UNESCO logo!


Supported by the Turkish Dance Sports Federation, the TDSF Club Salsa final competitions also take place in Bodrum. More than 700 athletes from all over Turkey and more than 2000 athletes and dancers come to Bodrum for these competitions.

It is also worth noting that the International Bodrum Dance Festival Committee has also signed a deal in principle that almost all European countries will be involved.

The festival committee has 32 volunteers from 21 countries. These volunteers come to Bodrum 45 days before the festival and demonstrate a high level of collaboration. Hosting these 32 foreign guest from the 21 different cultures is an excellent example of cultural unity and the festival is rewarded by being allowed to use the UNESCO logo each year.

A major difference of this festival is the contribution to the local economy in Bodrum. The thousands of people coming to compete in the TDSF competitions pay their own way including accommodation and food and entertainment costs. Foreign currency spent in Bodrum during last year’s festival was approximately 1.2 million Euros.

The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as well as the EU Ministry and especially important by the Bodrum Municipality.

The International Bodrum Dance Festival is the only event in world history with a committee reaching a total of 122 volunteers from 30 different countries and will take place between the dates of May 23rd – 29th May 2017.

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